Let’s crunch some numbers

Find out the impact of extra repayments, how much you can borrow and what your loan fees add up to.

Note: These calculators are a guide only.
Please contact the Connective Home Loans team or your Connective mortgage broker for assistance with your individual circumstances.

Extra Repayments Calculator

By selecting your loan size, term, interest rate and payment frequency together with what extra repayments you wish to make on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, this calculator will show you how much interest you can save and how you can save months or possibly years off your mortgage just by paying that little bit extra.

How Much can I Borrow calculator

By entering a few details, this calculator provides an estimate of the total amount you can borrow, monthly repayments, term of the loan, and total payments including principal and interest.

Property Fees Calculator

Ever considered what fees are payable when purchasing a property? By using this calculator you will be fully informed of the applicable stamp duties and other fees for all Australian states and territories.

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